Member Involvement Checklist

The Benefits of WCR Membership begin to accumulate when you get involved!

If you decide to participate, even if only in a small way – we will help you define and reach your next level of achievement.

If you attend chapter meetings – we will help you acquire new skills to meet the changing business environment.

If you make it a point to sit with people you don’t already know – we will increase your referral business and sometimes become friends for life.

If you commit to attending at least one state meeting or regional conference – we will show you role models who inspire and mentor.

If you volunteer for something – we will give you meaningful, satisfying work that fits your schedule.

If you keep in touch with other members – we will encourage you when you are down and cheer you on when you succeed.

If you commit to attending one national meeting – we will amaze you with the power of the total WCR experience.

Get Involved – It Pays!!

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