2012 Committees

Standing Committees

Bylaws and Audit Committee
• Review bylaws and amend as needed.
• National amendments to local bylaws are automatically binding; simply notice to your members.
• Local bylaws in conflict with the model bylaws will not be approved.
• Submit amendments to National WCR for approval.
• Develop and review periodically Standing Rules, which should be voted on each year.
• Rights of membership are granted, or limited, only in the bylaws, never in the Standing Rules, which are for administrative convenience only.
• Work closely with the Parliamentarian if the Chapter has one.
• Conduct an audit of the Treasurer’s records at least two weeks prior to the final Chapter meeting of the year and report on the completed audit at that meeting.

Lousie Hyers, Chair

Ways and Means Committee
• Assumes from Treasurer the responsibility to conduct fundraising programs.
• Raises funds to enable the officers to attend national, regional and state meetings.

Sharon Gay, Chair            

Education and Program Committee
• Plans programs for Chapter meetings consistent with the needs of members. The impact of WCR on the members increases when each Local Chapter provides meaningful education for a more professional career in real estate.
• Carry out program plans completing arrangements for speakers, panelists, etc.
• Evaluate programs’ impact and success.
• Inform members of educational opportunities offered by the Local Board, State Association, NAR Affiliates, and by nearby educational institutions.

Paulette Walsh Brown, Chair

Finance and Budget Committee
• Prepare an annual budget for approval by the Governing Board.
• Review budget and actual expenditures with the Treasurer as needed.
• Plan and conduct fundraising programs as needed, including funds to enable the Local President and President-Elect to attend national meetings.

Chuck Searcy, Chair

Nominating and Awards Committee
• Fulfill obligations of Chapter bylaws Article VIII Nominations. Must be elected at Annual Election Meeting to serve the following calendar year. Service on this committee is limited to REALTOR®/REALTOR-Associate® members.
• Plan and coordinate visible symbols of appreciation.
• Selects Member of the Year recipient following guidelines and dates established by the State Member of the Year Committee if the local Chapter intends to submit that name to the State committee for consideration as State Member of the Year .
• Distribute a Call for Entrepreneur of the Year Nominations at meetings, in chapter newsletter, on website, etc.  The Committee must submit name of award winner as well as the winning member’s award application form to National.

Sandra Russell, Chair

Membership Committee
• Recruit new members by planning a Chapter membership campaign that encourages and challenges members to recruit new members.
• Plan for recognition of new members at Chapter meetings.
• Retain existing membership and re-recruit “dropped” members.
• Notify National WCR and state and local officers of changes of status or address of membership.
• Compile and publish a Chapter roster.
• Before distributing membership applications to prospective members complete the dues amounts on the application and the name of your Chapter. These steps will ensure speedier and more accurate processing by National WCR.
• Pre-qualify candidates for National Affiliate membership – make sure your Chapter is under the 30% limit and the individual holds membership in a Local Board of REALTORS®.

Mary Catherine Blanks Smith, Chair

Special Committees

Hospitality Committee
• Welcome newcomers to Chapter meetings and introduce them to the members.
• Encourage unity and friendship within the Chapter.
• Communicate on behalf of the Chapter with members who are ill or bereaved.
• One committee member sits at the registration table with the Treasurer.

 Marketing/Technology Committee
• Promote and maintain a favorable image of WCR in the eyes of our various publics.
• Prepare and submit media releases to publicize Chapter activities and achievements
• Copy National WCR on all newspaper clips mentioning WCR activities.
• Notify National WCR of any radio or television coverage of a WCR event.
• Plan and prepare communications (newsletters and notices) for the membership.
• Coordinate a photographic record of Chapter activities, for history and publicity.
• Update the Chapter website on a regular basis.
• Update the Chapter Facebook Fan page on a regular basis.

Leah Leggett, Chair

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