Nominating Committee is Calling for Officer Nominations!

Hello Athens Chapter WCR Members,

As 2011 Nominating Committee Chair I have been tasked with leading our group to select one candidate for each officer position to present to the Secretary for distribution to the General Membership prior to our elections in September.

If you are interested in any of the following positions, please let me know no later than Friday, August 19, 2011.

President Elect
Vice President of Membership

The job descriptions for each of these positions are attached. 
Officer Descriptions

Note: You must be a Realtor member to serve as President Elect and Vice President of Membership.  If you are an Affiliate member, you can serve as either Secretary or Treasurer but will have to join as a National member. 

Please consider joining the board as an officer. 

I have personally received more then expected from the WCR.  This group has urged me to grow and become a better Realtor, better leader, and a better person.  I have learned so much over the years.  The WCR has given me an opportunity for leadership not only on a local level but also on a state level as well.  I have made some really great friendships with people not only in my chapter but also at the State and National conferences (as an officer you have a travel budget!).  I have received several referrals from out of state WCR members through the networking and in serving as an officer.  The more you get involved, the more you will receive.  I couldn’t ask for a better organization to devote my time to while working to improve my business.

Our chapter is only as good as it’s officers and members.  We need people that are willing to serve!  This is a great opportunity to grow within the WCR!  Please consider joining the board as an officer.  We need YOU!!!!

I would be more then happy to answer any questions.  Don’t hesitate to ask! 


Leah Leggett
2011 Nominating Committee Chair

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